Not Yet Seen

The twenty-first century has seen many amazing scientific advancements, yet the Bible says that there are more mysteries, hidden by God before time, for our glory. While we eagerly wait to see heaven, scriptures say God has prepared superior solutions for our world; super-solutions that are yet to be accessed through the wisdom of God.

When the angel appeared to Mary, delivering news of the coming Savior through her womb, she was surprised. She had never heard that a woman could get pregnant without sleeping with a man --it refuted the laws of nature. This phenomenal conception did happen, and it remains the foundation of our faith today. Who knows the long-awaited solutions that God wants to bring to the world though the lives of women like you and me?

I often see women, especially young women, waiting for acknowledgement and support from the society before they attempt to do great things. Meanwhile, everything else points to the fact that God is waiting for them to stand up to their callings.  People like the first female British Prime Minister bring many controversies, however, she got her message across –that one’s life must matter, whether male or female; and that you may be the one to create a road for future generations to walk through. It seems to buttress the fact that God uses anyone that makes himself or herself available to Him. What He wants to see is the strength of our spirit and most importantly, our willingness to rely on His power.

The Bible is full of women who stood strongly to create change their generation. Standing strongly has nothing to do with temperament or personality traits because our place is in the spirit. Second Corinthians chapter ten verses four to six, explains that the power that will execute the plan of God on the earth cannot be found in the physical realm. Our fight as women is definitely not against men, just as our fight as Christians is not against non-Christians. We are coming against the demonic influences in our generation that want us to remain ordinary.

The Word of God empowers us to accomplish the unseen plans of God for the world. With the Word and the power of the Spirit, we become indomitable. The devil also has plans for the earth and he will stop at nothing, using men, women, youths and children to achieve his goal. God has great plans for the world, and He wants to use everything and everyone He has created, women inclusive, to bring these divine designs to reality. One way or the other, every human being is carrying out someone’s plans; God’s or the devil’s. Where do you stand? Will you let God use you to execute His extraordinary plans, which are not yet seen.